Pecorino Sardo DOP
Sheep Milk

Pecorino sardo is an uncooked hard cheese made from fresh whole sheep's milk curdled using lamb or kid rennet. The mixture is poured into moulds that will give the cheese its characteristic shape. After a brief period in brine, the moulds are lightly smoked and left to ripen in cool cellars. The rind varies from deep yellow to dark brown in colour and encases a paste that varies from white to straw-yellow. The sharpness of the flavour depends on the length of maturation.
It is an excellent table cheese, and the mature variety is also very good to be grated.

• Pecorino Sardo Dolce – Mild Pecorino Sardo cheese – completes its seasoning in a lapse of time going from 20 to 60 days.
• Pecorino Sardo Maturo – Mature Pecorino Sardo cheese – undergoes a longer seasoning period