Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia
Non-pasteurized  – Cow’s  Milk

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the oldest and richest cheeses known in the world. It is still produced as it was nine centuries ago. Known worldwide as the “King of Cheeses” due to its special production, nutritional and organoleptic features that render it a unique and superior product. This PDOD product is a cooked and non-pressed cheese with a hard and slowly matured paste. It is made only from raw milk, rennet and salt in a specific area of origin. Its minimum maturation is 12 months, but only when it reaches approximately 24 months of age or more it expresses its best. Its properties are numerous and all of them linked to intrinsic product features: high digestibility, high calcium content, absence of preservatives or additives, richness in mineral elements, pleasantness and organoleptic appreciation because, its complexity of flavours and aromas, depends not only on how the cows are fed and the milk processed, but also on the care of the cheese master and of time, for these reasons, we can say that Parmigiano Reggiano lives in a continuous state of evolution and cheeses of different ages have very different profiles of aromas.