Pecorino Romano DOP
Lazio, Sardegna
Non-pasteurized – Sheep’s  Milk

The history of Pecorino Romano dates back thousands of years. Even as far back as 48 AD Virgil, writing on the topic of nutrition, tells us that the daily consumption allocated to each soldier was 27 grams each day. Pecorino Romano is made in Lazio region and Sardinia, and is a hard salty Italian  cheese. Pecorino Romano is nutritious, genuine, rich in proteins and easy to digest. The subtle ivory or strawcoloured rind can be left as it is or covered with a black coating. The dough is strong and compact or even slightly holey and is white or straw-coloured. The taste is fragrant, slightly spicy and full bodied as a table cheese; intensely spicy with varied taste once grated. The maturation period is about 5 months for table Pecorino Romano; 8 months for the grated variety.